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off. >>> the accused. james holmes, the suspect in the deadly colorado shooting rampage, heads back to court to hear formal charges. >>> and miracle of life. the san diego zoo celebrates a record birth by a 20-year-old panda. very good morning to you. i'm veronica de la cruz. those stories and more straight ahead. this is "first look" on msnbc. >>> now we begin this morning with foreign relations. republican presidential hopeful mitt romney is in poland today on the last leg of a three-country trip where he's meeting with foreign leaders and talking tough on iran all in an effort to beef up his foreign policy credentials. nbc's brian mooar joins us live from washington with details. brian, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, veronica. in israel, romney did take a hard line on iran but didn't overtly criticize u.s. policy. -- tour brings him to poland today after a successful stop in israel and a visit to london, memorable for all the wrong reasons. in israel, he sent a strong message to iran. >> my message to the people of israel and the leaders of iran is one and the sa
are expected to file formal charges against 24-year-old james holmes. nbc's leeanne gregg is live outside for us the county courthouse in centennial, colorado, with the details. leanne, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. extra security is in place for the hearing later this morning. the courtroom is expected to be packed when holmes could face hundreds of charges. >> call people versus james holmes. >> reporter: all eyes again will be upon james holmes today just as during his first court appearance last week when he was read his rights. then holmes appeared dazed, unable to focus. >> you have a right to romaemai silent. >> reporter: court documents say prosecutors will seek 12 counts of attempted murder, first-degree among other charges. for the first time the suspect will officially hear what he faces in conjunction with the shooting deaths of 12 people and injuries of 58 others. a decision on whether to seek the death penalty could still be months away. the district attorney wants input from victims' families and survivors. >> if the death penalty is sought, that's a very long pr
of tom cruise and katie holmes. holmes filed for divorce because she feared plans cruise and his church of scientology had in store of fire 6-year-old daughter suri. a source said holmes felt her every move was controlled and she felt like she was in "rosemary's baby." experts say holmes filed in new york for legal advantages, cruise reportedly plans to file in california where presumably he would have a better chance of partial custody of suri. i've been hearing she's having trouble with that too. bloggers are already asking does tom or katie keep their bff. cruise said he wants to but david in action films but they are in the same shows, checking in on what they are wearing. what are you wearing? you think? don't you hate it when it happens? finally mel gibson's stepmother filed for a restraining order against the actor claiming he's been violent with her. >> people have such a hunger and thirst for all the knowledge on what their relationship was like. >> i have ear muffs about the entire thing. it's a private matter. >> it's been in tabloids for months. >> i'm veronica de la cruz. t
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at sports. i'm mario solis >>> baby news from two celebrity couples and new details on how katy holmes orchestrated her split from tom cruise. your first look on entertainment is ahead. you are watching "first look" on msnbc. >>> welcome back. i'm lynn berry. we are going to begin with the long divorce saga. an attorney for katy holmes is denying report that the actress wants an emergency hearing on custody and child support. it comes in saying she filed an application that could have resulted in a public hearing >>> published reports said katy holmes planned an intricate escape from the marriage, including securing a new york city apartment and cutting off with friends >>> matthews mccon ahey tweeted that he and his wife are expecting a third child. >>> a represent confirms that claire danes and hugh dancecy, who wed in 2009, are expecting their first child. >>> finally, that was fast. days after pulling the plug on his personal twitter page, alec baldwin set out a tweet plugging an upcoming podcast. on his personal page, he sort of threw in the towel saying, i'm done. he has done thi
: the suspect, 24-year-old james holmes, today will be advised of his rights and the judge will set a date for the formal filing of charges. it's the start of a legal process that may take months. >> we will convict him. yes. >> reporter: at issue whether the prosecutor will seek the death penalty. the defense will likely argue whether holmes is mentally competent while the city is forever changed. evidence will include what was found inside the suspect's apartment, explosive devices meant to kill were removed and destroyed yesterday. officials say today other residents of the building may be allowed to return. veronica, back to you. >>> great, thank you. poverty in america is increasing to levels not seen in the last 50 years. the u.s. census data for 2011 to be released during the fall peak of the presidential's campaign is expected to show the poverty rate rising to as high as 15.7%. that would be the highest rate since 1965 erasing gains from the war on poverty that created medicaid, medicare and other social welfare programs. the weak economy is being blamed especially long-term unemp
at sports. i'm mario solis. >>> baby news from two celebrity couples and new details on how katy holmes orchestrated her split from tom cruise. your first look on entertainment is straight ahead. you are watching "first look" on msnbc. why not make lunch more than just lunch? with two times the points on dining in restaurants, you may find yourself asking why not, a lot. chase sapphire preferred. there's more to enjoy. i was worried about 'em, you know? i mean for instance my mom went to bed tonight before making my dinner. which is fine, i mean i, i know how to make dinner. it just starts to make you wonder. is this what happens when you age? my friends used to say i was the lucky one. i had the fun parents. where's the fun now? night guys! [ sighs ] ♪ [ male announcer ] venza. from toyota. >>> welcome back. i'm lynn berry. we are going to begin with the latest in what is expected to be a long tom cruise and katy holmes divce saga. an attorney for katy holmes is denying report that the actress wants an emergency hearing on custody and child support. it soames comes in response to onl
hearing to read 24-year-old james holmes his rights. the accused mass murderer seemed dazed, never looking anyone in the face, as family members of some of the victims sat nearby. >> he does look like demonic or something like that. his eyes are just crazy. kind of crazy looking, you know? something wrong with that man. >> reporter: holmes, once a top neuroscience student, recently dropped out of grad school. police say he spent thousands of dollars on weapons and ammunitions, dressed up like a villain yas batman character and opened fire in this aurora, california, theater. ten were dead in the theater. two died later. among them, jessica ghawi. her friends called jessica's family from the theater. >> it was the most horrific screams i ever heard in my life. i thought somebody was in the house stabbing my wife in the heart. >> reporter: the victims range in age from 6 to 51. there are many stories of heroism. stephanie saved this girl's life. they made it out alive. >> we're laying there literally in the mouth of hell. and when i say literally, i mean literally from every aspect. >> i jus
motive. as holmes past is examined, we try learn what led to the killings and how this devastated community will recover. formal charges are expected monday. a decision on whether prosecutors will seek the death penalty will come later. from aurora, colorado, i'm leanne gregg. back you to, lynn. >>> presidential conditioned dat candidates are back on the campaign trail. with more calls for gun laws, mitt romney will be in nevada today while president obama heads to oregon. jennifer johnson has that story from washington. >> reporter: a somber day on the campaign trail following the tragedy in colorado. at a veterans of foreign wars event in reno, president obama paid tribute to four veterans killed in aurora. >> we honor your loved ones. we salute their service. as you summonhe strength to carry on and keep bright their legacy, we stand with you as one united american family. >> reporter: mitt romney who discussed the economy with business people in california couldn't avoid the issue of stricter gun control laws in an interview on cnbc. >> i believe the second amendment is the ri
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she's being treated for minor injuries. >>> e-news reports that katie holmes has registered at a catholic church in new york. in my neighborhood. >>> tom cruise's attorney is threatening the "national enquirer's" parent company with a lawsuit. he blasted recent headlines such as tom's house of horrors. the real tom is a monster and denied reporting that holmes was monitored and reported on to scientolo scientology's leader. >>> reports say channing tatum may star in a film about evil knievel. >>> finally "us weekly" reports that miley cyrus has gotten her 15th tattoo, a quote from a 1910 speech by theodore roosevelt. you see it's all the way down her arm. >> she's got one of those? >> but it looks like the possibility it could be marker. because it's kind of huge. >> a random quote by theodore roosevelt? >> good time we don't have enough time for it. "way too early" with willie geist starts right now. >>> mitt romney says he expected to get booed during his speech at the naacp, promising to repeal obama care and telling the audience that as president, he would make life bett
to begin this morning with final good-byes -- as colorado shooting suspect james holmes sits in solitary confinement this morning, relatives of those killed in last friday's theater massacre have begun the grim task of planning their funerals, with the first one being held today. nbc's jay gray reports from aurora. >> reporter: the focus in aurora today turned back to the suspect's apartment. prosecutors and james holmes' state-appointed defenders getting their first look inside. while at the crime scene, a chain-link fence went up around the theater. as mourners in the grieving city search for some kind of comfort in the wake of the tragedy. >> it's a feeling of sadness. and such loss. such loss for all the families. >> reporter: families like the thieves. >> he was one of the best sons that any man could have. and i've been honored to know him. >> reporter: when the shooting started, 24-year-old alex theves threw his mom and girlfriend to the floor and shielded their body with bullets. >> god sent me an angel, not just that night, but -- for the last two and a half years. he sent me an
and james holmes more alert and responsive as he listened to the official charges read alone. 24 counts of first degree murder for the 12 killed, 116 attempted first degree murder charges for the 58 injured. two counts for each victim. one charge included murder with deliberation. the other, cited murder with extreme indifference to the value of human life. lives like verran ka moser, the 6-year-old killed during the massacre. and his mother was paralyzed and suffered a miscarriage after the attack. >> it was important to come to see him today as who he was. there was a lot of anger. >> reporter: dozens of family members and several survivors drawn to the courtroom. >> when we've seen him before, he looked like he was spaced out or out of touch. he looked very, very alert today. and very loose i had as ucid ab going on. >> reporter: much different than his first appearance, when he was seemed dazed and disengaged. he spoke for the first time publicly during the brief proceeding. asking yes, when asked if he wanted to waive his right to a preliminary hearing within 30 days. during that t
theater shooting that claimed 12 lives. law enforcement officials say james holmes mailed a package to the school he attended containing detailed writings about killing people. nbc's jed gray has details. >> reporter: federal agents tell nbc news james holmes told them where to find key in evidenc the case. the former neuroscience graduate student apparently told investigators about a package he had sent to the university of colorado's medical campus in aurora. police found that package on monday unopened in the school's mail room. inside they discovered what's described as handwritten details about killing people. as the investigation continues, so does the mourning here. >> i'm overwhelmed by the tragedy of all of this and the senselessness of all of it. i mean, good people taken. >> reporter: people like 51-year-old gordon cowden, the oldest victim of the massacre took his two teenage daughters to the movie. they survived. he was laid to rest, the first of at least 12 funerals for victims of the attack. after the chaos and killing at the theater, there are now growing questions i
leader with a swastika on her forehead. >>> and katie holmes has suri enrolled in an all-girls catholic school for the fall and suri stormed out of a pet store after falling in love with a puppy that her mother said no to. >>> stay tuned, because "way too early" with willie geist starts right now. >>> president obama refuses to apologize for his campaign attacks on mitt romney's record at bain capital. calling it a legitimate issue, as the romney campaign struggles to explain exactly when romney left the firm. now saying that he quote retired retroactively. the question is, will the bain issue still be fresh in voters' minds when they head to the polls three months from now? >>> secretary of state hillary clinton drops in to egypt to pay her respects to the new democratically elected president and is promptly met by protesters throwing a volley of tomatoes while taunting her with an
and katie holmes divorce, cnbc meemds us, the world's all-time most expensive divorce settlement was the $1.7 billion rupert murdoch had to pay his former wife anna after this 1999 split. ouch. >>> well, in health news this morning, a new study finds more than 13,000 babies in the u.s. are born each year addicted to prescription painkillers likes oxycontin and other narcotics. they call addiction in women a monstrous tidal wave. the number of babies born addict had increased by more than 20 times over the past five years. for more information on this and other health stories check out the health page at >>> to sports now. bashed in their attempts to sign point guard steve nash, the nba's new york knicks settled for a sure-fire future hall of famer. here's nbc's mario solis. >> good morning. another day, another big signing in the nba. jason kidd is leaving dallas and heading to the big apple, a verbal agreement to the sign a three-year $9 million deal with the knicks. new york gets an aging hall of famer and may lose a budding presential all-star. according to reports, the rocket
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)